When Ophelia Came To Wenlock ~ Red Sun At Noon


By way of a brief intermission from the on going Greek series, here is the sun over our Shropshire garden at around midday yesterday. The tail end of Hurricane Ophelia had apparently whipped up the dust of Africa along with the ash from the tragic forest fires in Portugal and Spain and so created this apocalyptic orange twilight complete with rosy sun. Nothing to do with us of course, all this global mayhem.


WPC: Glow

32 thoughts on “When Ophelia Came To Wenlock ~ Red Sun At Noon

  1. Red sky at night, sailor’s delight. Red sky in the morning, sailors take warning. Red sun at noon, ? I can think of all sorts of rhyming choices, but not matter what, it makes a great photo, although perhaps a bit ominous.


    1. They did indeed have the worst of it in Ireland, Annette. Very sad all round. And what with the loss of life in the forest fires, some said to have been started deliberately..

  2. Excellent image, Tish…we saw similar here, but I DIDN’t take any photographs…too affected by the ominous, eerie nature of the scene

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