Unusual Perspectives Up At The Allotment

P1050464 orig

English allotments are too often rackety sorts of places, and ours on Southfield Road is far from beautiful. The accumulations of tat on some neglected plots go back decades – broken glass, old bricks, shreds of plastic, rusting tools. Bit by bit they are being tidied up, the detritus carted off to the tip, aka the local recycling and waste disposal centre, this being done by one or two good souls who have more than enough to do on their own plots. But despite the overall unloveliness of the place, it does provide some interesting visual moments. The top photo was taken last spring – damson blossom and barbed wire with distant ash tree.

And here are some more views taken on my camera’s monochrome setting. A touch surreal I’m thinking:





Cee’s Black & White Challenge ~ unusual perspective

45 thoughts on “Unusual Perspectives Up At The Allotment

    1. It’s good when someone is a stickler, and I can just imagine your dad’s immaculate allotment plot – all neatly edged 🙂 I’m not exactly proud of my plot. Too many rough ‘n ready compost bays and also things seem to ‘wash up’ there – stuff that might just be useful…

    1. Thank you, Lulu. Community enterprises like allotments seem to be their own little worlds, and of course full of human oddities, contradictions and kindnesses. There are vegetables too of course 🙂

  1. There are such long waiting lists for the allotments in Winchester that abandoned plots never stay abandoned. At most a year, but usually within 6months of no work action is taken to give the plot to the next one on the list!

  2. Interestingly the one’s I’ve seen in my wife’s home city of Wroclaw in Poland were actually quite lovely. People seem to really relish a chance to get their hands in the dirt being confined to brick and mortar flats. Perhaps it varies from location to location, but it seemed like these allotments were more cherished in the part of Poland I visited.

    1. Ah well, Swarn, you see Wenlock folk live in rural Shropshire, in a designated Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty; also lots of people with their own very nice gardens and fine views. Unfortunately the allotment rather falls under the radar in the beauty stakes. There are some tidy bits though, and I’m aiming to up my game this year and not be quite so messy. Btw Happy New Year to you and yours!

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