Winter Sky Through Our Hedge


I was in the kitchen, faffing not writing, when the light through the hedge at the top of the garden caught my eye. Hurrah – a project! I dashed outside with my camera to capture the high definition catkins against the sunset, and caught this little bird as well – probably a dunnock; it’s hard to tell. But whatever it is, I like the tiny curve of sunlight against her breast.

Lens-Artists #Curves  Please visit Tina to see her fine gallery of curves.

36 thoughts on “Winter Sky Through Our Hedge

  1. I see a little bird that is sitting in the tree top, a pretty little bird that is sitting in the tree top… Not a clue what that song is? 🙂 🙂 Nice shot!

    1. Faffing seems to be my main pursuit if not gardening. I even faff a bit up at the allotment when I’ve (so to speak) lost of the plot of what I meant to do when I got there.

    1. Hello Brian. Happy New Year. With all your linguistic panache, I feel I should make you guess. Pottering with intent; wilful mucking about instead concentrating on a particular task; idling away the minutes and hours on Word Press… 😉

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