Of Things Past ~ A Little Bit Of Jazz At The Eagle Tavern


In 2000 we arrived out of eight years in Africa and into Kent, settling for several years on the banks of the River Medway in the ancient town of Rochester. Centuries as a port town and close proximity to the historic Chatham Docks and several Napoleonic forts ensured the place had plenty of old inns, including the Eagle Tavern. On Sundays, from midday to late afternoon there was live jazz in the bar, and performances from jazzworld’s rising stars. The musicians used the venue to warm up for their night-time gigs in nearby London. They charged nothing, though we usually bought their latest CDs.

Back in those days he who binds books returned briefly to his camera to take a series of black and white jazz portraits. This first shot of Renato D’Aiello is one of my favourites. And here’s another: an impromptu audience looking in; also a back-to-front gig list:


Cee’s Black & White Challenge: things musical

28 thoughts on “Of Things Past ~ A Little Bit Of Jazz At The Eagle Tavern

  1. Ah The Eagle Tavern. As you may remember, I went to art college in Rochester, back in the day….and The Eagle was one of our haunts. Reading this post, makes me want to go down there and enjoy one of their jazz lunches…might just do that. Have a wonderful weekend. janet 🙂

  2. Black and white portraits still have something special about them. Maybe it’s the light and shadow and the way it plays across a face. Great photography. I wouldn’t mind a tavern where they play jazz. That sounds like a good way to spend an evening!

    1. Lots of Charles Dickens connections too. He grew up in the area. And an ancient castle and cathedral. It was an interesting place to live, though rather crushed between an out-of-city conurbation of the 5 Medway towns which all ran into each other.

    1. Have a good one, you two down there in Portugal. (Trying not to be jealous). Woolly hat day today with much whistling wind. Am about to gird loins and much besides and head to the allotment. I have a poorly wheelbarrow and need to take its wheel off, and book binding man is not presently handy.

      1. I managed to get some washing stuck in the machine the other day. A good whack in the right place fixed it. Don’t suppose you can apply that to the barrow 😎💕

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