Wind-Lines Past And Current


These photos were taken during our blustery stay on Anglesey, North Wales, back in early January. The hawthorn tree in the farm hedge has been sculpted and stunted by the prevailing sea gales over decades. In its dormant state it is now so rigid a structure that the winter blasts have little apparent effect. By contrast, the grasses were bowing flat in the bed outside the converted chapel where we were staying. One knew how they felt.


Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: Lines

23 thoughts on “Wind-Lines Past And Current

      1. I’m not sure this is the right way to contact you – but….. I’m a volunteer presenter of the West Shropshire Talking Newspaper – WSTN (for people with a visual impairment) and we have a regular “Extra” feature each week. I recently was introduced to your wonderful blog and was sent the one about the Sin Eater. I would really like to use this – if possible very slightly edited – in this week’s edition which goes to “press” later today – would you be OK with that ? Could you possibly reply too my e-mail address direct? You can find out about WSTN at

  1. Love photo of the grasses which look for all the world like a group of “things”, perhaps Seussian, with funky hair styles. The tree photo is excellent but somewhat dismal. Yet at the same time, it’s so attractive.

    1. I agree the tree has ‘bleak midwinter’ looks, but was fascinated with the way it had responded to the wind. The notion of ‘things’ is much more jolly. Happy weekend, Janet.

  2. Hi Tish
    Staying in a converted chapel sounds like a fun place – and the Bowing grasses do show the elements
    Hope you are having a nice weekend

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