There may be signs of spring here in Shropshire, but the wind is still perishing cold. It’s reminding me of a wind-blown winter’s visit to Llanddwyn Island on Anglesey, where the sea-gale found every chink in one’s protective layers. Even so, it was a fine place to be: racing waves and whipped up grasses.



Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: one

30 thoughts on “ONE

    1. And have you got your own chill up north too. After writing my post I ventured to the allotment where, to my surprise, the cold wind was a degree or two less vicious than yesterday. Still blustery and dull though.

  1. Great black and white images – so much texture and atmosphere to them. We had a chilly wind down here to at the start of the week but it’s moderated now so I hope it warms up around your way too soon.

  2. Chilly winds are nipping at our toes here as well. 🙂 … at the moment Spring appears to consist of one week (roughly) of blue skies and bitterly cold, alternating with one week-ish of rain and not-so-cold.

      1. Yeah, just in time for the summer heatwaves! 😀 … actually this Spring is forecast to be colder and longer than average – whatever average means these days. 🙂 – which I’m very happy about actually. ZGive me the cold any day. 🙂

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