52 thoughts on “Before Your Very Eyes…

  1. Lovely to revisit your Linden walk at such a special time of year! I did yoga under my lime tree today because I needed its light shade. I noticed the buds bursting open. Also how the branches and twigs fan out so elegantly. This tree forms a perfect natural yurt for the hot summer days!

  2. Luscious is the word that springs to mind for that first shot Tish. Your world is looking almost exactly opposite mine at the moment with leaves browning and falling everywhere.

    1. Lime tree leaves are spectacularly juicy. And your description is also evocative, Su – our spring coalescing with your autumn. That feels very deep rooted somehow.

  3. That gorgeous, newly sprung green is wonderful to see, especially with the contrasting pink of the bud outer, still there. What a lovely place to walk too, Tish, I bet the trees cast such amazing shadows & fluttering light as you walk through there 😍

  4. It is lovely when the world turns green again, though it has been doing that for the last month down here. I think that February heat has something to do with it!

    1. The oaks have been unfurling for quite a few weeks though only in their bronze stage, but the limes have been way behind until a couple of days ago. More green haze today.

  5. So exciting – not only cos of the vibrant new life but winter is on its way out and all the possibilities of summer are ahead! Enjoy the lovely spring and all its promises!

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