Spring Well Sprung On Wenlock Edge

Bye bye Siberian icy blasts, hello summer! It’s been all change here in Wenlock and all go, go, go out in the garden. Tulips bursting, crab apple blossom unfurling, Spanish bluebells shooting up, euphorbias at their vibrant, greenest best, pesky weed oxalis suddenly a haze of soft pink flowers just to stop me pulling it up, columbines on the cusp, perennial Centaurea cornflowers showing off their best blues, Sweet Cicely all lacy umbels (and a good addition when cooking fruit to reduce the amount of sugar needed). Ladybirds on pest patrol. Bees on the forage. Cloudless blue above. Hot sun. It’s just all too exciting.









copyright 2019 Tish Farrell


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46 thoughts on “Spring Well Sprung On Wenlock Edge

    1. It was such an obliging ladybird, and there are lots about, which is good because there are already lots of greenflies mustering. The header is another dwarf tulip. They hardly have stems but open out on the soil like stars when the sun catches them.

  1. Things are getting a bit chilly down here – on and off, and especially evenings – but the days are still warm enough that I can get away with a short sleeved shirt. Rain has been most welcome and my pot growing veggie experiment is doing swell.
    I should be able to harvest my first crop of spuds around June, and I’m hoarding potato slips as fast as I can.
    If this first crop turns out okay I’ll go full tilt come September.
    The lily looks a real beaut.

    1. Glad to hear the gardening experiments are proceeding, and that you’ve had rain. Just been putting in my spuds. Another row to go. Btw, the header ‘lily’ is a dinky little tulip, related to the original wild strains from Turkey I think. It shuts up tight in the shade and then zooms open in full sun.

    1. It’s splendid isn’t it? We have horrid tall street lights here that light up the back garden all night, but I have to say the apple blossom went into full opening mode under the enforced twilight. It was v. magical.

      1. Us too – front and back as our cottage is a bit short and the lights illuminate both sides. Tried asking the council to switch them off between midnight and 5 a.m. since very little traffic and no people use the street at that time. You would have thought I’d asked to be let off paying Council Tax forever the way they responded. No mention of their wasting resources of course.

  2. Exciting indeed! Hung out the washing today too! Have to say we are not bothered with street lights at all! In fact I have my windows blinds open all night, though the full moon can be a bit of a distraction.

  3. Love the Turkmenistan waterlily tulips most of all. Bees love Pulmonaria. Sweet Cicely is a good alternative to curb the sharpness of rhubarb. Spring is busting out even this far North and you have a six spot ladybird for Saturday. Lovely Tish!

  4. I know nature is magical all the time, but somehow the burst of spring following winter has a special “something” to it … all that color after all that bitter cold! Beautiful pictures!

    1. We’ve been watching the wood across the field. Over the past few days it’s turned by slow degrees from grey to hint of green, to a bit more green, and just a bit more…

  5. If I had to choose one tulip to grow, I think it would be ‘Little Beauty’. I just love those colours at the centre, and the little minaret the buds make. Your apple blossom photo captures the essence of apple blossom perfectly, with just a hint of sparkle. Enjoy your weekend, Tish!

  6. Gorgeous! I love spring. Here we have magnolia and plum and now cherry trees all bursting forth. And grape hyacinth tulips daffs pansies colour everywhere and soft new green on the trees and rodos and azaleas beginning. It’s so much fun.

  7. Go little ladybug!!! 😀 … the sun is trying valiantly to put in any kind of consistent appearance, but I fear we’ll be well into summertime temperatures by then and we’ll go from overcast to blistering heat in a matter of a few days. 🙂

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