December Daffodils!


Well I hope all of you who celebrate Christmas have survived the consumption overload. It’s a struggle I know.

Down in Duloe, Cornwall the weather has been warm and gloomy, and captured here yesterday on a roadside verge is an unquestionably bold halloo of spring. Not the best of photos, but cheering anyway.

Chin chin.

26 thoughts on “December Daffodils!

  1. We’re pulling into Pembroke tomorrow from Wexford, and then up to Chester for New Year’s…but watching the flood warnings carefully as it looks like Chester is in that band of bad weather predicted later this week. Good gracious! Build me a boat! Looking forward to meeting up in the new year Tish. Best, – Bill

  2. Daffs at Xmas?

    Even I know this is odd, but a smashing pic nonetheless.

    I notice Bill’s weather comment. Spoke to my folks yesterday, but they mentioned nothing about the inclement weather or the floods; even saying it was quite warm.
    Meanwhile …. we are absolutely baking down here and it has nothing to do with Ems and cakes!

    Hope Christmas was excellent, dear Trish.

  3. There are bulbs sprouting in my garden already. Tis is so unusual and I’m hoping the current snow and freezing temperatures will place them in stasis and not kill them. I can’t deny, however, how beautiful those daffodils are. πŸ™‚

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