Three cheers for the brave RNLI crews


The Royal National Lifeboat Institution, “the charity that saves lives at sea” has rescued over 140,000 souls since 1824. On Christmas Day we saw the Looe team turn out for a practice run in stormy seas. Here they are being launched from the sea tractor. Hats off to them is all I can say. Oh yes, and a very big THANK YOU.



And safely back to base…




14 thoughts on “Three cheers for the brave RNLI crews

  1. Totally endorse your sentiment Tish. Our coastguard and surf lifesavers are so busy at the moment. Their resources are stretched to breaking and yet they carry on saving lives and when that’s not possible, bringing bodies back to grieving families. Way too many of those this Christmas I’m afraid!

    1. Yes, I think it is largely manned by volunteers. They are of course treasured locally, but the rest of us tend not to think of them unless we’re on holiday. At the moment many teams, including ones from Cornwall are helping out with the clearing up in Lancs and Yorks where there are awful floods.

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