White Horses All Of A Lather at Port Wrinkle


Talk about elemental energy. This morning the sea was in such a boil at Port Wrinkle that the beach was filled with spume. It was blowing across the rocks like thistle down, then settling in shivering masses – as if a prelude to some alien hatching. What it might turn into who can tell, but all that whipped up air filled us to the brim. We all but galloped up and down the beach. Yee-HAAA!




21 thoughts on “White Horses All Of A Lather at Port Wrinkle

  1. What shots of a wild sea. Those “shivering masses” are quite uncanny. We usually get something similar here after heavy flooding. Once the foam covered the road behind our beaches up to the bonnet. Sometimes it looks like browned meringue. Your photos capture the sea superbly.

    1. Well, it did calm down this morning as we were heading home. But I think there was more storminess on the way. We certainly had a big storm as we hit Shropshire. The whole country seems to be like a big soggy sponge, but all the fields in high definition green with stock still grazing. Very strange all round. All the best for 2016.

    1. Graham told me he thought it was detergent pollution from ships at sea, which is rather discouraging. I need to find out more. But it was very spectacular to see.

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