On Sunday we went to Eden and this is what it looks like…


At least this is what the Eden biomes look like in December twilight, and courtesy of some dodgy photography. I think the effect suits it – this bold and inspirational project to wake us up to the knowledge of our total dependence on plant life. For one thing – without trees we couldn’t breathe very well. It’s interesting that we’ve become so divorced from natural-world-reality that we do not  instantly remember this, and from time to time (or even continuously) need it pointed out to us.

There’s more about the project in an earlier post: Making Eden: new patterns for living? And at the Eden Story you can see how a disused Cornish china clay pit was transformed into this world-famous educational visitor attraction that teaches us how to regenerate and nurture the Eden we have on earth. More power to their purpose.


29 thoughts on “On Sunday we went to Eden and this is what it looks like…

      1. No, Tish, I promise when you see it you will get it and you will smile and say …right, so that’s what that nitwit from South Africa was going in about.
        And it’s a great film as well.

  1. How wonderful. I wanted to visit Eden when I was in your part of the world but didn’t make it. I love reading about it. It is a truly inspirational project.

    1. Well, thank you for asking, Ann. It seems we were lucky in Wenlock. It’s just very soggy. In fact we drove up southern and central England from Cornwall in full sun, though there were signs of overtopping streams and rivers here and there. The heavens did open though, as soon as we hit home turf. It’s to the north where people have most been afflicted. What a sorry state for them all. Flood damage takes months to recover from, and in all senses. Happy New Year while I’m here 🙂

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