Today In The Columbine Garden


The columbines do as they please in our garden. Over the years they have moved in from who knows where, and done much replicating. I have made only one deliberate introduction which is a lovely lemon one saved from an overgrown plot at the allotment. Every spring we have additional variations in the indigenous colour scheme, this season’s new shade being white with hints of mauve and purple. We also have various pinks, deep violet, burgundy and ivory and some of them have now moved into the front garden that sits beside the road so who knows where they will be off too next. A world invaded by columbines – well, why not?

So here are some garden views – inside back and outside back (guerrilla garden), and lastly our roadside bed which I feel could now serve as a reference plot for the Haphazard School of Cultivation. I’m not sure what the poppies are doing there – shades of Heinz tomato soup.  Ah well. They’re looking very jolly – a spot of light relief from Lockdown-itis.










45 thoughts on “Today In The Columbine Garden

    1. Thanks, Ark. The current look is a lot down to the fact that it’s usually quite difficult to garden out there due to the speeding traffic. Been a bit easier lately of course. Also did a lot of mulching in the autumn and spring to try and cut down on need to weed and left it to it.

  1. Amazing flowers, one of the few that do well in our garden. Like yours our aquilegias pop up in all manner of hues including doubles. This year we have a pure white one.

  2. They do as they please and they do please! My heart is now full and happy despite the problems I’m having trying to get some tomato plant and herbs to grow. 🙂


  3. They’re a lovely contrast with the old stone, Tish 🙂 🙂 When my daughter moved to their present home she was extremely happy with how well they colonised as at that stage there was little else in the garden. It’s beautiful now.

  4. and how fabulous they retain all the different colours. We find we have lots turning up each year too, but gradually they all seem to be turning the same shade.

    1. Spring is being particularly spectacular this year despite very odd weather, drought with arctic-wind interludes and minor heatwaves. It’s easy to think it’s because we’re all home and therefore noticing more. But I’m wondering if it isn’t the other way round. The natural world is putting on a special show for us 😉

      As to future travel, that really has a huge ‘?’ hanging over it. What will we make of all this in a year’s time?

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