Poppy Profusion


Our cottage faces east and so has full-on morning sunshine, and here it is filling the oriental poppies – a sort of natural neon effect as they sway in the breeze. They are right beside the main road, which is growing busier by the day now that lockdown strictures are easing. But the increase in traffic isn’t cramping the poppies’ style. Lots more buds set to open, and that will definitely please the bumble bees.


27 thoughts on “Poppy Profusion

    1. These red ones have been growing themselves. I think the previous owner of our house must have planted them. I keep moving them, and still they keep going. Other colours of oriental poppy seem a bit more fussy, and I’ve lost several of those. They just seem to ‘give up’.

  1. Now that’s a happy sight and always a joy to see! Our first are just coming out here…not East-facing, less sun, but no less mirth. Hi Tish and be well!

    1. Hello Bill. Lovely to think there’ll be a mutual watching of poppies across the planet – from your yard to mine. And yes, healthful wishes warmly reciprocated.

    1. That’s good to know, Janet, that you’re not adopting bee habits re poppies. I’ve watched them go gobbling round the poppies’ stamens. In fact ravaging would be a better description.

      1. 🙂 Today I was walking in a new area and came upon a very large bee rolling in a flower. I have video and photos, just deciding when to post them. It was the most marvelous experience and my phone captured it perfectly. I see that it’s Bee Day today, so that’s even more perfect!!

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