World Bee Day Today 20th May


I’ve written lots about bees on this blog, and I guess most people who come here know how important they are to human existence; their overall busy bee-ness and the way they pollinate flowers that produce so much of our fruit, nuts and veg. So to celebrate bees here’s a gallery of snaps taken in the garden and up at the allotment. All, with the exception of the blue cornflower shot taken last month, are from the archive. At the moment the bees are zooming round too fast to have their pictures taken. Anyway more power to their pollinating…


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United Nations World Bee Day

39 thoughts on “World Bee Day Today 20th May

  1. Gorgeous. As you’ll know, we don’t get those fat furry bumble bees down here.
    They are the epitome of summer days on the heath in Royston where my gran used to live.

  2. More pollen to ’em? 🙂 I love seeing photos of bees and had an incredible bee experience this morning. Just read “The Honey Bus” by Merideth May, the quite interesting story of a girl growing up in a very dysfunctional family and saved by beekeeping.


    1. I’m v. pleased you got some mileage from the bee link, Ju-Lyn. There’s just so much to learn isn’t there. And paradoxically it’s amazing all the new areas of knowledge one is stumbling across during home isolation.

      1. oh do what a nuisance for you. Have done so but my site is secure, and when I nipped across to yours it was coming up as secure. So don’t think it is me causing the problems

      2. Thanks very much, Becky. I just wanted to check. I saw your sites were secure, and then mine reverted to secure. This is all very weird. WP people don’t seem to have a handle on it at all.

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