48 thoughts on “Taking the Long View : Wenlock’s By-Ways

  1. I prefer by-ways to highways whenever possible (although for long trips, highways are to be preferred. 🙂
    These are quite inviting. I hope you have something good planned for the weekend.


    1. Mostly a one-track woman – between the house and the plot, but then you probably knew that 🙂 We’re fine thanks, apart from increasing grumpiness at Rip Van Winkle World. Hope all is well with you and Mick.

      1. He’s out litter picking and I’ve done t’ai chi on Zoom and been to a virtual birthday party in Italy for Manja. On the roof with the washing now. Funny old world, isn’t it? 🤣💕

  2. Like Janet, I also prefer country living and have very fond memories of the lanes and rural paths around Herts and Cambridge. I like all your shots Tish, especially the last. The light is lovely

    1. Thank you, Su. Country living can have it’s limitations, but just now it’s a blessing, though it’s been accompanied by an Arctic wind for the past week, which is very weird. Hoping for a bit of warmth this weekend. My bean seedlings are shivering.

      1. Exponential weirdness indeed. (And meanwhile Brexit negotiations are moving on to nothingness…) There just was a debate by mail between my Brit friends about who was worse: “the blond buffoon in Downing St” or the blond moron in the White House”… Sigh. 😉🙏🏻

      2. ‘enclume’ – what a very nice word. I’ve just been to look it up – ‘anvil’ – which meant I guessed ‘marteaux’. The French have some colourful idioms.

      3. I thought you might check. ‘anvil’ always costs me a fraction of second to remember… No common French or latin root. Saxon? Let’s see. German is ‘amboss’. Definitely the same word. Kwaheri sassa Tish.

      1. Have to say we are not rushing to go out into places where there are others. Currently working through ideas for returning to Portugal without flying

    1. By the way, have you been getting anywhere with WP over issues on your Winchester site. I notice it’s insecure. And my blog keeps going ‘insecure’. My last occurence seemed to be to do with a photo image from a blog post I’d ‘liked’ which then registered on my site’s liked list.

      1. Hiya . . . ooh I hadn’t spotted it had gone insecure. Thanks for letting me know.

        I’ve gone through the checks and like you it seems to be connected to when I have liked a post on another blog. In this case it was your last post! So guessing the photo image from the post that upset your website, then continued on to mine 😦 I am now back to secure, but have had to unlike your post for the time being. I will be back to like xx

      2. Mine went back to being secure later yesterday morning. Was it yesterday’s post that you had to unlike? I’ve turned off my ‘like’ and ‘blogroll’ widgets so stuff doesn’t register (at least visually) on my second page. I noticed your site kept being insecure for much of the time we were doing the squares. It was also around the time you, I and others were having various issues with WP over ‘likes’, pingbacks and not being able to accept or make comments. The WP engineers told me it may take time to get to the bottom of my issue over the bugged image as they didn’t understand why it was happening. I anyway unliked the post it was on some weeks back.

      3. Hiya
        Yes was yesterday’s post . . . and during squares there were 3 other blogs when the same thing happened after I liked a post. Most strange

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