Have I mentioned pallet scrattling?


No. I thought not. It appears to be an inclination that comes upon men of a certain age, and especially those who possess wood burning stoves and sheds.  Suddenly their eyes are peeled, and whenever they’re  away from home, they’re on the look out for abandoned builders’ pallets. You know, those rough wood platforms that come with deliveries of bricks and tiles, engines and other heavy duty what-not that requires shunting round warehouses on fork-lift trucks.

In our house the fad started with Graham needing a work bench that would fit into the conservatory. This was quickly followed by the need for another bench that would also fit into the conservatory. Fortunately these wants coincided with a big delivery of technical equipment at work. Oh the joy: multiple pallets were suddenly free for the asking. It even determined the kind of car we owned – hatch-back naturally. At one stage there were so many pallets that Graham had to share some with Bob. Not an easy share I can tell you.

Also recycling pallet wood is not necessarily straightforward. This is where the ‘scrattling’ comes in, a word invented (I think) by my sister’s chap, the aforementioned Bob, who is an ardent pallet scrattler. You see there is an art to dismantling pallets  so as to extract the best and most serviceable timber. In fact it is really advisable to watch some You Tube videos for best practice before you start.

Of course I should not be snide about this most worthwhile of older-man pursuits, I whose allotment is the lucky recipient of pallet compost bins and several raised beds. Also at home this Christmas we have a festive pallet tree, and here it is in our sitting room…

Happy Festive Season Everyone

57 thoughts on “Have I mentioned pallet scrattling?

  1. That is awesome. Very creative. Where I live, we get pallets by the boat loads, literally. I live 3 miles from one of the busiest ports in the U.S. We got pallets for free and would use them to make bon fires on the beach. Good memories. Thanks for sharing, and Happy Festive Season to you as well.

  2. Good on yer Graham, and what a great hobby, definitely to be encouraged. I can see a “start up” business creating Christmas trees en masse for next year once the word gets out.

  3. How cool is that tree!! And guess what? We have a neighbor who collects pallets too – older guy with awesome wife / and he tried to keep them neat (and does) and how exciting to have the new word for it – scrattle fits well – and it is a unique wood they are made of so I can see why disassembling has YouTube videos – ha!!

    1. It’s amazing how there are often very good pieces of hard wood in some of the pallets. Fellow scrattler, Bob, made my sister a splendid counter for her shop, as well as other cunning fittings and fixtures.

      1. Well the raised Garden beds sound amazing too! And I am not sure if the neighbors made any little gems – but he told us he uses them for wood for his big cast iron wood burning heater he has in their add on bump out on their house – they have other wood sources but this is such a nice reuse thing too

    1. Hello Ann. What a fantastic project. But I daren’t show the chaps all those pallets. It might send scrattling into the 4th dimension. Happy Christmas to you and yours.

  4. Creativity knows no boundaries! That’s a beautiful Christmas tree!
    I’ll have to check out the art of scrattling, you never know when it may come handy! 😉
    Happy Christmas, my dear Tish! 🙂

  5. I had never heard the term, ”pallet scrattler” before now and my first thought::

    ”, Reg! For goodness’ sake,stop scrattling your pallet. We’re in Tesco’s Home n; Wear, not the bar at the Bear and Billet. with your boozer pals. And look, there’s Doreen Soupcon-Smith. However will I be able to show my face on the tombola stall at this years’ Church Fete.”

    Love the tree! Very …. palletable? 😉

      1. We usually have small festive ”loaves” rather a large Crimbo-Cake.

        I shall post pics in due course.

        Thank you Tish.
        Even though we had a typical Highveld storm last night we are currently melting in the heat – just crept above 30.
        After all these years it is still odd to celebrate Christmas in sunglasses, shorts and T shirt.

      2. It’s also strangely warm here too. Everyone’s outdoor Xmas lights look most unseasonal. Not quite warm enough for shorts though, and absolutely no need for sunglasses.

  6. Hi Trish your Blog is so wonderful! I Follow you too! I like this post and the beautiful Christmas tree! I looove pallets you can create so much with them! I like to recycle things and transform them in one of a kind…<3 Best wishes for wonderful Holydays!

  7. Love this! Your tree is fab. Don’t think I’ll mention pallet scrattling (excellent phrase) to the Big T. It sounds way too much like his “thing” and we need to downsize! Hope you have a wonderful Christmas.

  8. You get the award for most original Christmas post I have seen this year, Tish! 🙂 Can he knock up another one for me, do you think? I love it! You are definitely one of my blessings, hon. 🙂 A very merry Christmas to you both!

  9. You are right there is an art to dismantling the pallets, specially with very little tools, you will break a lot of them to begin with, I have struggle with a lot of rusty old nails. But you get the swing of it sooner or later. Thanks for sharing!

  10. Hi Tish – I had to let you know that my neighbor was out with his pallets and I was able to grab a photo – and will be back later to share it – funny how certain posts stay with us – which is why I like blogging – the diversity – and new words (scrattle) – happy new year to u!

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