Peroulia Dreaming 3 ~ Wild Cyclamen


We found these tiny Greek cyclamen growing in the most unpromising places – in rocky clefts and on bone-dry litter among the pines below Pylos Castle. We also found them clinging to the cliff above Peroulia Beach, rooted in the arid cliff path where people keep walking on them. They seemed to be thriving.

Peroulia Dreaming 1

Peroulia Dreaming 2

Travel With Intent This Sunday Debbie is in the pink. Please pay her a visit.

52 thoughts on “Peroulia Dreaming 3 ~ Wild Cyclamen

    1. I did know, (sorry) and was working out how to tell you before we went away. But I didn’t know how to begin, and anyway wasn’t sure if you knew. Sending you an email out of the blue seemed crass somehow – just blurting it out. All so v. sad.

      1. One of those things.
        A short while back I had this crazy idea of paying her and her husband a visit.
        It’s always been a wish of Ems and I to visit the Ramirez guitar factory in Madrid during our next visit. It’s not too far a drive from Portugal. And then it is is a mere hop skip and jump from there to Gib!
        Alas … the dreams of Mice and Men, right, as Steinbeck wrote.
        Like the other friends we have lost along the way, we must consider it a privilege to have known her, albeit from afar.

      2. I know I’m butting in but I didn’t read it, Ark, and I’d like to. Vicky says that Adrian’s not in very good shape, which you can understand. Trying to keep busy painting the Spanish house and stuff. Very sad, indeed.

  1. How beautiful. I’m imagining that zoomed out, they would provide tiny dots of colour in the landscape too. Or are the clusters too small for that? Gorgeous anyway.

  2. So very pretty. I think this colour is much nicer than the colour of the cyclamens we get in pots. Btw I have had some trouble with commenting on posts recently. You may find a comment from me in your spam folder, that’s if the comment hasn’t vanished into cyber space.

      1. Oh how silly I am. I have a little white one out on my porch. I see it every day but I had completely forgotten about the white cyclamens. Poor thing. I must apologize to it.

    1. I’m now guessing that they may well need a lot of neglect. In fact before we went away, I noticed some very miniature but similarly coloured ones growing in edge of our field path. Someone must have chucked them over their garden fence years ago, and they’ve been working their way up through the couch grass ever since.

  3. This reminded me of the time we hiked in Cyprus and came across a whole carpet of wild cyclamen – so beautiful. I can’t remember where we were hiking to – better go back in the archives and find it 🙂

  4. Often the wild varieties have more nuance and subtlety than the hybrids don’t they? Lovely photo and post that reminded me of a poem by DH Lawrence called (I think) ‘Sicilian Cyclamens’, which I used to love and need to rediscover

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