Don’t look now, but there’s a man in the tree…


Monday morning. Sunshine after days of rain plus hints of spring.  A walk to the shops then. We set off down the Cutlins field path, pleased to find it dry underfoot, though we’re pleased too soon: at the path bottom by the kissing gate we find a huge puddle.  Ah well. Muddy shoes AGAIN. There are strange sounds too, out on the lane, shattering the peace of the Priory ruins. Chainsaws.

When we reach the Priory Hall (originally a National School that once served Much Wenlock’s poor children, but now is the town’s community centre), this is the sight that greets us. Goodness.

Then we recall the recent planning application. The line of  lime trees along the churchyard wall behind the Priory Hall has been scheduled to be taken in hand – three cut down and the remaining ones pruned. Better get a better look then. It’s not often that Much Wenlock provides so much excitement on a Monday morning:







Lens-Artists: Close and closer

28 thoughts on “Don’t look now, but there’s a man in the tree…

  1. Ha! There are men (man) in a LOT of trees. Risky business! Just where I want to be with a live chain saw. I hope they (he) never cuts their own rope!

    1. I think the pruned ones should leap back into life pretty soon. And it’s a shame some have had to be felled but they probably should never have been planted so close to the retaining wall. But as for precarious – absolutely.

  2. And on the subject of trimming tees.

    Two Irish pals on the way home from the pub walk past the gate of an orchard displaying a sign: Tree Fellers Wanted.
    A little further on, Paddy turns to Seamus and says: ”Just think, if Mick was with us we could’ve got that job.”

  3. WOW. A job well done. I could watch these guys working all day. They are like acrobats at a circus, and so comfortable in their apparatus. Fun post. Donna

    PS. If I had known about this career choice in my 20s, I would have been there. Love it.

      1. Hahaha. Ya… in the day. I volunteer with a group of arborists once a year at a National Cemetary . They donate their time, I join them. I’m a ground pounder, helping with the littler things, AND take photos. Amazing work they do. I love this post.

  4. LOL for all of the excitement! We have guys here that are literally like m monkeys in the trees, hopping between branches and cutting as they go. I swear I cannot watch!! No safety equipment at all. Your guy looks MUCH more professional!! Well done.

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