High Noon On Brooklyn Bridge

Brooklyn Bridge

Our early June arrival in New York coincided with a heat wave – 100 degrees F and every degree making its presence felt. We had thought that standing over the East River might have a cooling effect, but it didn’t. And so we did not bother to exert the energy required to cross the bridge to Brooklyn, only went midway then retraced our steps. Our New York-born friends were astonished when we told them. ‘You mean you didn’t cross the Brooklyn Bridge? You only walked half way?’ ‘Yep. Too hot.’ There were disbelieving looks. But then there was a stunning view of downtown Manhattan coming back.


Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: triangles, diamonds, squares

25 thoughts on “High Noon On Brooklyn Bridge

      1. and June is such a hot month to be there – MrB and I also moderated our adventures when we visited in June for the same reason!

      2. Sensible people 🙂 I always think part of the joy of exploring new places is actually doing very little and just watching the world go by.

      1. Oh lol still hard to picture as I don’t know how long the “east river” is lol… I’m Canadian.. Any idea in minutes or km’s? Lol

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