Before My Eyes: The Greening


It has an extra-terrestrial look, doesn’t it – this exploding pussy willow catkin. In fact ‘catkin’ sounds too confining a word for such exuberant expression.


Elsewhere around the town signs of coming spring are more reserved: delicate cherry and blackthorn blossom on otherwise bare branches, and earlier this week only a slightly seen green haze about the church yard weeping willow; while everything is otherwise accompanied by a bone-biting wind that has the daffodils and me bracing ourselves.



The Linden Walk still looks wintery, although there are carpets of wild garlic everywhere – the leaves good in soups and stews and salads and for making pesto sauce. I’ve also noticed interesting colonies of lower plant life on the lime tree trunks, lichens and mosses and the like. And squirrels…




And on the home front the daffodils are lighting up the garden by the road.



And stepping out of the back garden gate I came upon a cat with green eyes…


Life in Colour: Green

24 thoughts on “Before My Eyes: The Greening

    1. Things do seem to a bit slow. Just got back from the allotment (by moonlight) and wind was perishing. The air seems residually cold to me too – i.e. when the sun goes in. So I reckon things will be late this year. We’ll see…

    1. It’s making me think of a nice glass of chilled prosecco. Though on the other hand that could be a bit too shivery for the present climate. Better open a hearty red then. Chin-chin, Jo.

    1. The pussy willow has been fabulous this year. There’s a whole hedge of it beside the children’s playground in the Linden Field. It had a very serious hacking back a year or so ago which seems to have done it the world of good.

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