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Today on her black-and-white challenge Cee says show her anything to do with flight, so this photo seems to hit the mark: two-in-one I’d say.  The tumbling jackdaw was snapped a couple of springs ago at St. Bride’s Castle, Pembrokeshire.

Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: Flight

33 thoughts on “Flight

      1. I am always amazed by how light can make or break a capture. I recall many a dusky evening when I think there really isn’t enough light at all, but the photographs turn our so beautifully after all.

      1. It is an old word. Comes from the word ‘girer’, turn, which probably comes form Latin, since it exists in Spanish too. A pleasing word indeed. Cheers Memsahib. How’s Spring coming? Working in the garden already?

      2. Wind now seems to be an almost permanent feature in places where it wasn’t before. It seems to rev up in spring and stay with us for most of the summer, and with often surprisingly cool undercurrents. It’s been happening for over the last few years. One notices these things when trying to stop the climbing beans from blowing over or the outdoor tomatoes from shivering.

      3. “They” must have done something. In Brittany and Normandy, “they” have re-organized plots since the 60’s. For efficiency. many a farmer had divided plots as a result of inheritances over the centuries, and plots were separated y curtains of trees, or hedges, home to many owls of hermins, small predators. So when they switched plots to join land, many tree curtains or hedges were torn down. Natural refuge for owls disappeared, rodent population exploded, and wind started to blow…

      4. You are so right. Hedge destruction does cause many losses – shelter of all kinds. As to our weather I think the wobbly jet stream has much to answer for, and the fact the sun is now having a go-slow phase (at least according to the atmospheric physicists). And who knows, the ever-shadowy ‘THEY’ may well have been making a lot of wind!

      5. I understand the famous Anticyclon of the Azores which used to rule French weather for ages has moved. Somewhere. 🤣
        And pray note that it is the first time I ever use the word “They”. I wouldn’t want to fall into conspirationism. 😉

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