The Path To Harakopio Revisited ~ Life In Colour


Summer left on our first day in Greece. We might have woken to hot and dazzling sunshine, but by lunchtime the storm clouds were building over the strait. And then came the deluge, torrenting off the pantiles on our cottage roof. Maria, the cottage owner, said it was the first rain in months and after the broiling summer (that we’d only just missed) the olive groves and vineyards were desperate for a good watering. So it was hard to feel too hard-done-by as, before our eyes, the parched Kalamata land sucked up the downpour.




The thunder racketed around for a couple of hours, and finally rumbled off in late afternoon, leaving us with still threatening clouds but, by then, a pressing need to stock up on provisions. We had been told that the nearest supermarket in Harakopio village was an easy two-mile walk. And so it was: a tranquil path between small farms and ancient olive groves; no traffic; only the scent of damp leaf litter and sometimes the delicate fragrance of tiny cyclamen along the verges. There was farm clutter of course along the way, but that goes with the territory. Hens scrattled about under the trees and handsome dogs kept watch over their people’s domains. There was a rather nice horse. Now and then the sun almost shone and I fell in love with gnarly olive trees that looked at least as old as Odysseus.










Life in Colour: green

42 thoughts on “The Path To Harakopio Revisited ~ Life In Colour

  1. Wonderful images, Tish – I always think of Greece as brown, not green…
    but you’ve certainly found wonderful greens, perhaps thanks to that Deluge;
    rain always seems to make greens greener!!

    1. I think the rain perked things up, but that corner of Kalamata did seem to have quite a lot of evergreenness, what with the olives and the cedars and tracts of phragmites grasses.

  2. What a sweet memory. I could imagine being there and wanted more of the story. The olive trees reminded me of walking high up above the villages of Cinque Terre in Italy through the olive groves there.

  3. Dear Tish,
    we love these autumn colours in Greece. We lived on Ithaki, yes, where Odysseus was at home, for over a year and so your pictures reminded us of this time. So typically Greece …
    Thanks for sharing
    The Fab Four of Cley
    πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

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