High Noon On Brooklyn Bridge

Brooklyn Bridge

Our early June arrival in New York coincided with a heat wave – 100 degrees F and every degree making its presence felt. We had thought that standing over the East River might have a cooling effect, but it didn’t. And so we did not bother to exert the energy required to cross the bridge to Brooklyn, only went midway then retraced our steps. Our New York-born friends were astonished when we told them. ‘You mean you didn’t cross the Brooklyn Bridge? You only walked half way?’ ‘Yep. Too hot.’ There were disbelieving looks. But then there was a stunning view of downtown Manhattan coming back.


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Weekly Photo Challenge: UP (in NYC)

New York 200 (2)

Of course NYC has been a city on the rise ever since its origins as Dutch New Amsterdam in the seventeenth century. And when you visit Manhattan, what else can you do but look UP. This photo, though, was a true  happenstance shot: I just happened to look up as we were going into Grand Central Station.  Here are some more ‘up’ views. Guess the locations.

New York 049

New York 144

New York 208 - Copy

New York 179

New York 214

As the baseball caps and tee-shirts sold on every street corner would  have it: it’s hard not to love NYC; a city that led the way in up-ness.

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