Looking On The Bright Side ~ A Very Happy Ant


Last night, homeward bound from my allotment plot, I noticed the first blossom on the old damson tree. Only a few flowers were fully open, and then I saw this one had a visitor. A delicious spring foraging for ant-kind. I watched it for several minutes, wondering if I’d been missing something not thinking to lick the odd bit of fruit blossom. Anyway, it made me feel very happy – this scene, and that thought.

April Squares

At the risk of bursting onto song, this April Becky wants us to show her all things bright and beautiful. It’s time to celebrate whatever gives our spirits a lift, or makes us laugh, or catches our eye. You can post something each day, or now and then when any kind of brightness strikes. The only rule: the image must be SQUARE.

Bright Square #1

10 thoughts on “Looking On The Bright Side ~ A Very Happy Ant

  1. I’m always happy when that ant isn’t one of several million invading my kitchen. So far, so good, but it’s still early. We are getting mosquitoes, however and probably ticks. And the woodpeckers are all over the trees, so it’s spring. Flowers would be nice. Many, many more flowers.

    I downloaded Open Live Writer and THANK YOU. Really. THANK YOU.

    1. I do hope it works out for you. I find it invaluable – mostly because I’m pretty much in charge of what I do there!!! Wishing you flowers, but no ants.

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