28 thoughts on “Esther And Thomas

    1. Just what I was thinking. Esther ran a curio stall on the roadside at Kiboko, on the Mombasa-Nairobi highway. She also traded in second-hand clothes. When I disposed of some of mine in return for animal carvings, I think she mostly got the better end of the deal. A very smart young woman. It was her idea that I take the photo in front of the local cafe’s zebra frieze.

  1. nice for smile…
    and you could have called this post many things
    – like momma love
    – Joy –
    but the names made it all personal and elevated the subjects.

    also- there is that triangle in the subject outline/shape – maybe even that pyramid with the finger coming out at us – just a cool shot with the zebra art too

  2. That is such a mom photo. Every single mom has made that β€˜pointing to the camera gesture’ and told their child to β€œsmile.” I probably should be the cover photo to the family photo album. A sweet reminder to my son’s early childhood!

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