Awakening To Poppies


Few garden flowers do awakening more flamboyantly than oriental poppies. They are true spirit-lifters. This one is also catching the early morning sun – along with a tiny crab spider. They are also very obliging on the renewal front, each year creating several suckers which are easily divided to make new plants. And if you cut them right back after the first flowering, you willΒ  be blessed with a late summer flush. Bees and hover flies love them too.

Their vegetation is fleshy with a tendency to break, but they are surprisingly hardy. The leaves have been up in my garden for a couple of months now. But I’m guessing it will be a good few weeks before we can enjoy this year’s round of poppy power. For now, the photos will have to suffice.


Daily Post: Awakening

48 thoughts on “Awakening To Poppies

  1. I love poppies, particularly the pink one in your lower photo. We have quite a few here. Have you seen the ladybird-spot ones?

  2. Lovely.
    J’ai descendu dans mon jardin
    J’ai descendu dans mon jardin
    pour y cueillir du romarin…
    Gentil coquelicot mesdames
    Gentil coquelicot nouveau.
    (A very old and charming song)
    Kwaheri sassa Memsahib

    1. I’m hoping I still have the pale pink one. The garden got shunted about for last summer’s shed building. I’m sure she’ll show up though – somewhere.

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