Great Rift Zoom-In ~ Thursday’s Special

cropped 2

This week Paula’s set us a very  different kind of challenge. She asks us to show her a zoomed in – zoomed out image. I’ve  applied so much zoom to this photograph that the detail is abstracted. I rather like it – the patchwork quilt effect. It is a view of smallholder farms at Escarpment, just north of Kenya’s capital Nairobi. I was out with Graham (in his capacity as Smut Survey Team Leader) looking for outbreaks of a fungal infection on fodder grass. You can read the full story at an earlier post Looking for Smut on Kenya’s Highland Farms. Escarpment was one of the locations we surveyed, and living up to its name, it lies on the easterly elevation of the Great Rift Valley.

Scan-130429-0154 (2) zoom out

(Click on the image for a larger view). The old volcano in the Rift is Longonot, and the zigzag of road seen faintly to the right of the valley bottom takes you to Lake Naivasha. Even now, after so many years away from Africa, this view stops my breath. And then I find myself breathing in – thinner air at 8,000 feet – whiffs of dust, thorn trees, diesel, roasting maize at a roadside trader’s hearth…

Thursday’s Special: zoom in/zoom out

29 thoughts on “Great Rift Zoom-In ~ Thursday’s Special

      1. Yes, but some of the photos scanned from negatives seem to need so much adjustment, you lose the thread of what you’re aiming for. I do see what you mean with this photo, and will have another go with it. On the other hand, the pinkish glow is maybe fitting – looking back on times past through rose coloured specs.

  1. Zoom in gives you an aerial view, one of the things age has taken from me sadly. No more window seats for me – I’m beyond dancing the Economy Wiggle to get out of my seat. (A preoccupation at the moment – this time next week after 30 hours in transit I’ll be in Warsaw, wondering when to inform my family, who don’t know I’m coming. Off the ego trip, and back to that second photo. I love that panel of light, and your love of lost times – which aren’t really lost. You recover them beautifully.

  2. Oh those are great zooming in and out. You’d never know the close up was from the same photo without your telling. Did I mention I love your header, Tish?

  3. Those are very interesting & different studies of the same scene!
    The wide angle is so lovely – you’ve managed to capture such diverse feels for the foreground and the background!
    And your abstract patchwork zoom in is lovely!

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