The Local Garage, Much Wenlock


As you drive over Wenlock Edge and descend into Much Wenlock town, this is one of our first eye-catching local landmarks. I don’t know when it was last open for business, but the blurb on the poster now seems a touch ironic:

The more we progress the further you go                                                                                                                   The Michelin Man

I should perhaps say we do still have a fully functioning motor repairs place, but it obviously isn’t here.

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25 thoughts on “The Local Garage, Much Wenlock

  1. Very nice Tish! I am sure in its hey day, it was a bustling little garage , I always like to pass through little towns or what used to be towns it their day, and imagine how busy these places used to be. Relics of days gone by now.

    1. You’re right, Mitchell. It probably did used to bustle. I like the fact that it’s still there, even if it is more than a little decrepit. It stands close to the remains of our old railway line too, and a big stone bridge that has lost its top.

    1. You’ve summed it up perfectly, Anna. Though doubtless in the not too distant future, along will come a developer…And of course when that happens, it is amazing how quickly one forgets what was there before. Just as well we all keep taking photos!

  2. I wish I had seen that when I came to visit you that day in January. The quality of light and dampness I perceive makes it appear to have been taken recently, in the soggy months. “The more we progress the further you go” is more than a touch ironic!

  3. Brilliant! Love the old petrol pumps. Reminds me a bit of a garage I stopped to fill up at in North Yorkshire twenty years ago which wasn’t self-service! An attendant filled up the car, checked the oil and washed my windscreeen – perfect!

  4. What nonsense that saying from my youth was. “BLe and green should never be seen” indeed. This is a wonderful survival from the past, and a reminder of many tumbledowns in Australian country towns – but then most things remind me of something Australia these days!

    1. I love blue and green too. Are you feeling a touch homesick, Meg? Long ‘overseas postings’ can leave you feeling rootless, and not knowing where you live. I love your image of Australian tumbledowns, and especially the word itself.

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