The Texture Of Water?


The Mawddach River after the storm. There’s a tension here – a case of estuarian counterflow as the sea tide washes up against  the river’s downflow. There’s an odd perception, too, of evolving solidity – of molten metal perhaps – artisan silver with flecks of gold; or of liquid thickening in the making of a sauce. Anyway, I thought it was an interesting effect.


The photo was taken last Wednesday as we arrived in Mid-Wales on the tail of a colossal downpour. We were starting a 4-day stay, and very much fearing a wash-out sojourn. But we needn’t have worried. We did have some fine days.

This is where we were staying – Borthwnog Hall on the banks of the estuary. A return visit after several years, but this time with a balcony view across the salt marsh at low tide. Fascinating places tidal rivers and estuaries. More photos in following posts.



CFFC: Texture

25 thoughts on “The Texture Of Water?

  1. Excellent picture of the water. As a child raised by the sea, I couldn’t agree more: water has texture. And I think seasoned sailors can tell the coming weather by just looking at the sea.
    Last Wednesday? You must be home by now. I hope it was pleasant…
    Au revoir

  2. I love the way you described…there is a tension here with the seaside and the river flow. We can see that. I love the brilliant greens of the view looking across the salt marsh. Looks like a nice place for your little holiday.

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