In And Out And Round About Much Wenlock


Below Wenlock Edge on the way to Westhope.



The Downs Mill lane two winters ago.



Much Wenlock High Street, Reynold’s Mansion built in the 16th and 17th centuries  on the immediate left.



The lane by Wenlock Priory ruins and some fine Corsican pines.



On home territory – a shining on Sheinton Street.

Cee’s B & W Photo Challenge: roads

52 thoughts on “In And Out And Round About Much Wenlock

    1. The ‘high street’ is so English isn’t it. They’ve been having a bit of a struggle to survive vis a vis internet shopping, and all the banks pulling out, but Wenlock’s keeps going – though we’ve lost our lovely independent book shop and gallery.

    1. Yes lots of depth and texture to English small towns. The villages though have mostly lost their post offices, general stores and often even their pubs. And come to think of it, their churches are often redundant too.

  1. I’m thankful we have a wonderful independent bookstore, although once we move, we probably won’t. I love these shots, especially the snowy one and the shining one. “Much Wenlock” always makes me smile. It’s such a quintessentially English name, although I’m sure it seem quite normal to you. Lest you think I’m easily amused/impressed, my dad grew up on the farm, nearest town Surprise, Nebraska and when we went to visit my grandparents, we drove through Wahoo, Nebraska. 🙂 Seemed quite normal to us.


    1. What a great name – Wahoo. But as to Much Wenlock, one’s sort of aware that it’s a bit unusual, especially when telling someone you’ve just met where we live. The Wenlock bit seems to be derived from old Welsh, something to do with a white church.

  2. I love the path on Wenlock Edge and the gritty old-style feeling of all the pictures.

    We’ve never had a bookstore in town. In the entire valley, there is ONLY one independent bookstore and one chain store.

  3. These are lovely images Tish; the silvery cast works so well.
    The gutting of small towns and villages seems universal. Driving through some parts of NZ I want to weep.

    1. It is sad, when we could do with being more locally self-sufficient – for all kinds of reasons. People now seem wedded to out of town shopping malls and supermarkets. Shops in Wenlock do struggle – except for the butcher’s which has a wide reputation and so brings people to the town, which then helps the others. We also depend a lot on tourism. But I reckon most residents do their main shopping elsewhere.

      1. It is good when one or two businesses can bring shoppers in and benefit others too. But as long as people are addicted to malls (and we have several new and extended ones opening here at the moment), then I also fear for our communities.

      1. Terrifying how much rain has fallen over the past few weeks . . .the flood barriers are even up in Winchester. Hope you and your friends have not been affected too much.

      2. Thanks for the kind thought, Becky. A few homes in Wenlock have been flooded, the High Street being in the lowest part of the town, with several roads delivering run-off straight into it. A v. horrible situation. I think people thought the 2 flood attenuation ponds above the town would solve the problem.

      3. oh no that so horrid when flood defences are not enough . .. .

        I am just hoping this will be the year when governments, developers and all of us realise behaviours have to change if we are to reduce the frequency of these events in the future

      4. That would be very welcome, Becky – the Gvt. doing something sensible. The last I heard the official view seemed to be to continue building on flood plains because we need more houses!!!

      5. grrrr!!! lots of building has come to a full stop down here, not because of flooding but because of nitrates getting into the waterways.

      6. I wish grrrs had more of an effect! Do you think they might rethink the huge development near Ironbridge in light of the recent weather and flooding?

      7. It flipping well ought to, but I suspect too much loot is at stake. Our town council and us Farrells and others have been busy objecting, and it might help that 2 local authorities are involved and that Telford is more eco-friendly in its notions. That area could perhaps be turned into a wetland with canals to take excess flow. It could be a fantastic wildlife resource.

      8. Wow yes a reserve would be amazing . . . .do say if there is ever any more opportunity to object to development and/or to support natural options. Happy to add comments from afar xx

      9. Well done that woman! I omitted to tell you there were a zillion documents in the submission, but then on the other hand, who needs to read them when it’s basically a bad idea. There’s been all sorts of fobbing off – 4,000 promised jobs down to 600; the fact that the developer hasn’t actually committed to building a surgery and claimed to have contacted Wenlock’s which is already full to bursting. And as for the nightmare road and access scenarios…

      10. Also recently learned that this isn’t exactly about reclaiming brownfield land either; most of the houses look to be on 140 acres of good farmland behind the power station site.

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