46 thoughts on “Keeping To The Straight And Narrow On Wenlock Edge

  1. The texture and shadow are beautifully captured. I love the light of this image especially. It’s a beautiful artwork. Thank you, Tish!

    1. It’s Wenlock Edge, though now you mention it, it does look like the Linden Walk. Awful floods in Ironbridge and Ludlow, and some houses flooded in Much Wenlock High Street. But we were unaffected, thankfully. More rain to come this afternoon so the weather people tell us, and more concerns over the state of the Severn and if it will flood even more.

      1. Glad you are OK. If there’s more rain on North Wales then it will all flow down. Hereford and Worcester look badly hit too. All around you!

      2. Thanks for the kind thoughts, Jude. Roads blocked all over the place – even getting in and out of Wolverhampton to see MIL on Sunday was a nightmare – mainly colossal field run-off. At one point we thought we would not get home, both main roads to B’north and Telford closed. Took some nifty back lane diverting, which was also hair-raising.

    1. Thanks, Brian. Yes, we’re very lucky. Some people in the town woke in the small hours to their living rooms full of mud and water, and likewise their cars parked out on the street. A harrowing experience all round. It can take a year at least for flooded properties to dry out. And now it looks as though there will be house insurance problems for many people i.e. they won’t be eligible.

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