The Beach Bicyclist


It’s years since I rode a bike. In fact I wonder if I still can, though I do remember the precise moment when I first mastered the skill and forward momentum suddenly happened. Just like that – after hours of wobbles and falling about. What a sense of freedom. And so I’m thinking if I had a handy beach I might well give it another go. Softish surface to land on for one thing. But what joy to whizz over tide-washed shores, sea wind in one’s face, gulls wheeling in their own particular way.

Looking at this photo now I’m beginning to feel envious of this unknown cyclist caught plying Newborough sands a few Christmases ago.


Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: cycles – one, two, or three wheelers

40 thoughts on “The Beach Bicyclist

      1. True. If memory serves me well, Shropshire isn’t that close to a beach. (And I have no idea how the beaches are on your Eastern side…)
        Kwaheri sassa.

      2. No beach in Shropshire – you’re right. The nearest to the west is about 100 miles. As for east, getting there is something of an English anomaly, at least from the Midlands. You have to go a long way north or south first. But there are beaches there – long and windswept.

      3. I had to go to the map. I placed you more to the east… 🙂 Well, 100 miles is not too bad, depending on the roads. I guess you can drive there and back in a day?

  1. I used to love riding a bike, but now my balance is perilous, I no longer can….7plus years since my last ride, on the ramparts of Lucca

    1. Welsh beaches in the winter are pretty compacted below the high tide mark. Anyway the guy in the photo seemed to have found some solid stuff. He zoomed by. Though he did also have a good following wind that day.

  2. Pauline is right; hard work but lots of fun. I’m quoting the Big T here who also considers mountain-biking fun and has the scars to prove it. I think any future cycling I do will be on an e-bike — preferably with a little basket for carrying wine and other goodies home from the market.

  3. A lovely photo. I don’t think you ever lose the ability to ride, but the fear of falling becomes greater. I do look on with greater interest than I used to at people riding bikes with small electric motors on them. Hills seem so much easier.

    1. Yes those electric motored bikes look v. appealing, and as to bike riding in general, you’re certainly right about increased falling-off anxieties. I definitely don’t bounce as well as I used to.

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