Full Steam Ahead!


The Talyllyn Railway is a Welsh heritage treasure, once a working line opened in 1865 to haul slate from the quarries of the mid-Wales hinterland to the coast at Tywyn. The narrow gauge line may be only 7 miles long, but you can spend a whole day stopping off at stations en route, exploring Dolgoch Falls, having lunch at the station cafe at Abergynolwyn, or hiking up through the woods to the old Bryn Eglwys quarry.  And not only that, you meet lots of happy volunteer drivers and guards along the way, all of them bursting to fill you in with fascinating railway facts.




Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: trains or tracks

21 thoughts on “Full Steam Ahead!

    1. B & w is v. fitting for steam railways, isn’t it. Funnily, my memories of travelling on main line steam trains as a child seem to have been stored in mainly monochrome.

  1. The railway volunteers are great folk, aren’t they? We have a friend who got involved with photographing Sir Nigel Gresley on its recent overhaul and relocation. He managed a book out of it and a whole lot of enjoyment for many.

      1. The train was definitely the beginning of the industrial revolution. For good or for bad. And I still have fond memories of the coal/steam trains… 🚂

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