Over The Home Hill: More Hills


Wenlock Edge behind our house runs for twenty odd miles, a wooded escarpment that bisects the county of Shropshire on a north-east-south-west axis. It’s not always easy to see out for the tree cover, but here and there, a few choice viewpoints give you a glimpse of Shropshire’s other hills, the Long Mynd living up to its name in the distance here. I’m fumbling for the name of the hill in the middle distance (not recognising it from this angle). It could be Caradoc.


If we turn right round in the other direction, then we can see Clee Hill:



Closer to home, you can take the National Trust footpath out of Much Wenlock and head for the Edge landmark, Major’s Leap, from where, on a winter’s day, you may be treated to an other-worldly view of the Wrekin, subject of many quaint Shropshire tales. (My version here).



And coming down the Edge footpath behind our house you have a fine view of Much Wenlock hugged round by hills, Walton Hill and Shirlett Forest:



And while I’m showing off our local hills, I can’t leave out the town’s favourite landmark: Windmill Hill with a small turquoise person heading over it:


Lens-Artists: over the hill  Donna at Wind Kisses has set this week’s challenge.

32 thoughts on “Over The Home Hill: More Hills

  1. Lovely post. It feels like a very ancient part of the country from these images ( and from folklore). Some places just hold on to their heritage and sense of otherworldliness more easily than others

  2. How lucky that Wedlock Edge is behind your house. I would love that. So many places to wander and the weather changes it daily, I am sure. Love the rolling hills of green that carry the eye along the way. I also think having the trees or shrubs at the front of your photos brought a frame and allowed us to see that view. My favorite was of Much Wenlock. It looks like chocolate milk.

    Great contribution to Over the Hill, Tish.

  3. Gorgeous Tish. Brings back many happy memories. I am a North Shrops guy living now in Manchester. On a small scale, nothing beats the south shropshire hills and Carding Mill Valley. I wish I could myself and my choccy Lab there more often.

    1. So glad to bring back happy memories. And yes, Carding Mill Valley and surroundings are very hard to beat (for humans and labs), though they’re rather more busy these days.

  4. Oh, I love your hills, Tish. You live in such beautiful surroundings, and you always capture the different moods so well. Love the intense green in the sunlight as well as the more soft and wheaten ones.

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