The Changing Seasons: July



The field of gold behind the house has gone now, the barley cut and baled and hauled away, the ground harrowed. It happened in a few days too – to beat the change in the weather. The sky gods simply snapped their fingers: high summer heatwave off; autumn wind and rain on, plus a 12 degree drop in daytime temperatures. Gone too are the drifts of lime flower scent along the town lanes and by-ways. In fact on Friday the change felt so dramatic I kept thinking I’d lost a month or two and that we were actually in late September. Most disorientating.



But on the things-to-be-very-pleased-about list, number one is the completion of the greenhouse construction against the cottage back door. He who builds sheds and binds books worked his socks off, first demolishing the plastic conservatory, then being confounded by limestone wall (and how to affix said greenhouse to it.) Next were the bad delivery issues of wrong window fittings, wrong glass and dealing with the installation of a door that should have gone on the other end. This one step forward – two back construction phase was also preceded by devising means to resolve a perennially leaking gutter issue. But he sorted it. Hats off to Dr. Farrell.

And so you might be a tad underwhelmed when you see the final creation. It is so low-key compared with the plastic predecessor whose existence I tried never to record apart from this one photo:


And so now for the new version – recently rain-tested and presently filling up with my drying onion crop:




Meanwhile out in the garden the bees aren’t letting the weather affect the feeding imperative. The hollyhock flowers have been a particular favourite, the bees calling in for an all-over pollen wash.



The oregano flowers are a big hit too:



Then out in the guerrilla garden, the knautia keeps on flowering and is now providing a hunting ground for a tiny crab spider:



The latest floral interlopers there (though most welcome) are some lemony evening  primroses:


The tansy has been taking over too and about to flower:


Finally some soothing sounds from July on the Linden Walk:


The Changing Seasons: July  This month hosted by Brian at Bushboys World. Go see his fabulous gallery of New South Wales flora and fauna.

54 thoughts on “The Changing Seasons: July

  1. This is such an action packed post Tish. I am impressed with the good Drs work. Your macro photos are stunning and I love the tiny Ghost Crab Spider. Too many wonderful photos to comment each one. Thanks for you contribution to Changing Seasons 🙂 :).

  2. well Tish, kudos to the good Dr indeed! I can relate to the hurdles along the way and admire his persistence following through to the excellent ending! You two really do invest your souls into the bounty of your home and fields and your amazing results show how well invested your time is. Kudos to both of you actually!!

  3. How wonderful…a new green house. Looks good …but I’m more in need of the temp change. could you send some this way. I will come on its own eventually but these hot 110 degree days are getting really bothersome.

    1. Bees are having a fine time, Stephen – all over the place. They are such hedonists. And as for the greenhouse – wey-hay! Already looking forward to next year’s growing! Gardeners never know when enough is enough.

  4. Love your fields, critters and greenhouse, Tish – all on a plate. The same snapping of fingers here…cold, windy and rainy. The drop in temperature really happened in one day. Not that I mind getting rid of the heat, but the difference is striking. Beautiful, beautiful photos of Life!

    1. Happy to provide a bit of a soundscape. As for the greenhouse, the tidyness will not last long, but definitely kudos to he who fathomed the pages of building instructions.

  5. What an excellent result with the greenhouse after so many setbacks. It is going to be such a benefit during your winter months. Your bees, and spider, must think they have found heaven at your place. Thank you for finishing with that beautiful bird song video. What sort of bird is it?

    1. Hello, Pauline. Spot-on about the greenhouse for the winter months. The song (I’m pretty sure) comes courtesy of a blackbird. I like the way a rival echoes him from the nearby Windmill Hill wood.

  6. Congratulations on the completion of The Greenhouse! I am so glad the wrongfully sized glass panels were replaced expediently and that all is now well. It looks rather lovely.

    The bird calls on Linden Walk sound not so different from what I hear from my window. Wonder if similar birds come to visit.

    Keep safe & well, Tish!

  7. The seasons do seem to change like that these days, don’t they? … huge congrats to He Who Builds Sheds … that is one very, very, impressive ‘shed’. 😀

    1. I think the aim is to stop me using the house as a greenhouse. So far, though, it’s filled with drying onions. But lots of plans for overwintering herbs and buckets of carrots.

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