Today A Piece Of Sky Fell In The Garden


And here it is:


…a male Holly Blue butterfly Celastrina argiolus on the sedum. Blue butterflies tend to be very skittish, and as far as I know I’d not seen a Holly Blue before, though they are quite common. This one was also very shy, and after he flitted off to feed on the oregano flowers would only show me his underwings. But still, they are also very pretty – at first sight white, but then a shimmer of iced blue.



copyright 2021 Tish Farrell

32 thoughts on “Today A Piece Of Sky Fell In The Garden

  1. oh these are so beautiful 🙂 we saw Chalk Hill Blues the other day. I will try and organise myself with a post in the next day or two

    1. The summer light has been stunning. For now though we have rain for the next 2 days. Happier days ahead. And my polytunnel is anyway full of delicious tomatoes and cucumbers and frilly lettuce.

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