Look Out: Here Comes The Wind!


This morning over the fence the guerrilla garden was all of a frenzy, the helianthus being whipped hither and thither as Storm Francis started to make his presence felt. The odd thing was the wind was warm, and it was rather marvellous to stand in it. Exhilarating even. Left one feeling well swept in the mentally cobwebbed department.

Now though in early evening we have lowering cloud banks over the Edge and intermittent lashings of rain. Francis is still blustering about but only with 40 mph gusts, or so the weather folks tell me. We’re lucky here in inland Shropshire. Out on the coast there have been 70+mph winds and much flooding and damage. It makes me wonder with all this year’s upset and turbulence: did some entity out in the universe open Pandora’s Box back in January?


39 thoughts on “Look Out: Here Comes The Wind!

  1. We’ve had some big winds a couple times in the last couple weeks accompanied by impressive lightning and lots of thunder, but no rain. I looked up our average rainfall a few days ago and found it to be 9″…per year. 🙂

    When someone says, “Look how windy it is”, it reminds me of this well-known poem:

    Who Has Seen the Wind?
    By Christina Rossetti
    Who has seen the wind?
    Neither I nor you:
    But when the leaves hang trembling,
    The wind is passing through.

    Who has seen the wind?
    Neither you nor I:
    But when the trees bow down their heads,
    The wind is passing by.


    1. Thank you for that poetic ‘blast’ from the past, Janet. A long time since I read Christina Rossetti. But 9 inches of rain per year, goodness. We’ve had buckets of it in the last few weeks. Not at all usual in August either.

  2. ”It makes me wonder with all this year’s upset and turbulence: did some entity out in the universe open Pandora’s Box back in January?”
    It’s just that darn butterfly again!
    The top image is a cracker. You captured the essence of the gale beautifully. Dare I day, a photo with plenty of gust – o.

    1. Whoa there, Ark. You almost blew me away with your gust-o. And as for the butterfly, maybe that’s it. We’ve just forgotten that the universe is chaotic because we like all to be neat and tidy and safe. T’was ever thus. Our responses have a lot to answer for – if that doesn’t sound too circular an observation.

  3. Still blowing a hoolie here! But most of the heavy rain fell during the night with intermittent sunshine and showers all through the day. My poor plants don’t quite know which way is up!

  4. Lord, Lord! I knew a Pandora once. A pretty English young woman.
    Now about that box? Yes, I think someone opened it. Musta been Johnson et al.
    Stay safe Memsahib. Kwaheri sassa

  5. love the wind swept sunflowers! all is calm in my part of the world but Louisiana and Texas are in a frenzy as well with winds up to 110 mph this morning.

  6. Gorgeous capture of the wind.

    And I think you are right about the box being opened, although I’ve been thinking that actually someone has let the Horsemen out!

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