Can’t See The Wood For The Trees?


These photos were taken on an October morning not so long ago – on the path to Croft Ambrey Hillfort from Croft Castle in our neighbouring county of Herefordshire.

The old saying of not seeing the wood for the trees has deep resonance now. We need to start seeing. The Centre for Evidence-Based Medicine in Oxford is a good spot for some illumination; lots of informed common sense on matters covid from Professor Carl Heneghan who is also a practising doctor.


Cee’s Black & White Challenge: wood

24 thoughts on “Can’t See The Wood For The Trees?

    1. I missed this walk, so thank you for the chance to see all those lovely vistas and wild flowers. And the carob pods. I recognise them now I see them. Have a good weekend. We’ve gone all autumnal here. Loads of rain earlier in the week. My water butts floweth over.

      1. I usually start to really miss Autumn in late September when it’s still hot here. Right now I’m lusting after moors topped with heather 🙂 🙂 Thanks, Tish! A good time for writing?

      2. I have a large ripening aubergine on top of the fridge and a humungous cucumber inside it. None of my own efforts, I’m sorry to say 🙂 🙂

    1. That’s just it, Mike. There are some nasty undercurrents in all this. Divide and rule and misinform – BBC a significant culprit, rarely putting bulletins in any sensible context. Emphasis on blame and alarm. In fact we do not actually know how many people have already had the virus which appears to have been around in the UK from at least December.

  1. Lovely image and clever title Miss T.

    The thing I’ve occasionally wondered about practicing doctors is how much practice do they need before they’re any good?

    I’ve had enough of Covid, so aside from walking the dog I pretty much just stay at home and wave as the world goes by!

    1. A good point about the practicing. Some need to do much more. And indeed there is much to be said for voluntary isolation. It’s the involuntary isolation on the basis of PCR tests that pick up the shed traces of a virus that has been well overcome weeks beforehand and is no longer infectious that I have problems with. Human rights issues here, very serious ones. We’re both lucky that we can choose to be more-or-less hermits in our very nice spaces, with our own very nice people, and in your case, also family animals and wildlife.

  2. The tilt on your first shot really sums things up for me at the moment. Lovely images – and thanks for the link. I had to put on my serious-reading hat, which is getting rather a lot of use at the moment.

    1. On the tilt – that does seem all too apt now you mention it. My serious reading hat is getting a lot of use too lately. I have lately been reading about the MATH+ protocol – a very successful strategy for hospitalized virus sufferers – variants being used USA/Spain/India by medics and with v. good results even for the very elderly.

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