A Laburnum Roof?

Becky has kicked off her June spree of roof shots in square format with a view of Kew. I’d also been thinking of roofs in a garden setting, so here’s a tiny segment of the Laburnum Arch at Arley Arboretum as seen a couple of weeks ago. At 65 metres, it is the longest Britain. But where, you might be asking, are the flowers, the golden cascade thronging with bee-hum. Sorry to say we were a week early. The flowers were only just coming out. Not only that, it seems we walked down the arch the wrong way. The intention of the recent extension being to bring you to a spectacular view over the Severn Valley. Pretty much like this one, or so I imagine. Anyway, I enjoyed looking up into the  tracery of entwining boughs – which would not of course be visible if the flowers were out. Always good to find a silver lining in the absence of gold.

Please pop over to Becky’s for more June Roof Squares:

June Squares


24 thoughts on “A Laburnum Roof?

  1. Even without WPC There are challenges to keep us interested and posting. I can picture this in a week or so dripping with the beauty of the yellow blossom

  2. I had thoughts of doing something similar ( not quite as long!) when we first bought this property – a ”secret” way to link one part of the garden to the other – and we have enough land. For some reason it never materialized – can’t remember why not.
    Sigh … oh well.

    This example is lovely.,

  3. Brilliant! What a clever twist, and a fabulous way to start. Hope you realise how high you have raised the roof for the month 😉

  4. I always wanted to visit Bodnant and see the laburnum arch there in flower, but never made it. Did see an amazing laburnum in a garden yesterday. Once these were common trees in front gardens and I recall my mother warning me not to eat the ‘peas’ from the resulting pods. A good roof to share 🙂

  5. I doubt I’ll participate this month but I shall enjoy many such splendours. We have a Laburnum in our garden and all year I berate it for looking so raggedy. And then it blooms xx

  6. I’m getting into trouble, wresting with the right and wrongs of walking down an arch…it looks lovely though, and the camera was steady, so your walk can’t have been that bad…

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