“How Green Was My Valley” ~ Thursday’s Special


Here in Shropshire, May has been a month filled with much welcome sunshine. Everywhere you look, the countryside is brimming with green-ness, so no colour enhancement was needed for this view across the River Severn at Arley (just south of Bridgnorth). It was taken last Saturday at the Arley Arboretum Plant Collectors’ Fair – post to follow.

I’m sorry you can’t see the river, which is actually quite wide at this point (hiding behind the foreground hawthorns). Nor can you see the railway line that runs midway across the frame. For this is the landscape through which you will pass if you have the good fortune to board the Severn Valley Railway, and chug along the river behind a good old coal-fired locomotive, trailing its long white steamy banner as it goes, and not a few smuts. Clackety-clack and much toot-tooting and many a rustic halt en route.  Oh, the nostalgia!

Thursday’s Special: saturation

How Green Was My Valley  a 1939 novel by Richard Llewellyn set in Wales: tales of the Morgan coal mining family. Also a 1941 John Ford film.

51 thoughts on ““How Green Was My Valley” ~ Thursday’s Special

  1. Simply beautiful, Tish. I must get ABAB across to Shropshire! I vaguely remember the film, How Green was my Valley – mum and dad liked it – but have never read the book. Very apt for your shots though.

      1. It is the same here. The Lilacs are over and so are all wild bushes and many trees. Rhododendrons will not last more than another week. In a way it is like in Norrland up north. Their short summer is off in a rush.

  2. The short answer of course is “very.” And extremely lovely with it.
    I remember my mother weeping buckets as she watched the film of HGWMV on tv when I was a kid. At the time I thought she was just being soppy, but now I know that her own father and uncles were all miners in Fife, and the storyline was probably a bit close to the bone.

  3. oh what a great shot Tish – saturated with memories as used to take this steam rail from Kidderminster and picnic with my children here or at Highley
    “But you have gone now, all of you that were so beautiful when you were quick with life. Yet not gone, for you are still a living truth inside my mind. “(Richard Llewellyn)

  4. You evoke the scene so vividly and economically.

    Oh, I loved “How green was my valley”. I even found myself following the linguistic patterns he used to express “Welsh”.

  5. I’ve not read it either. The hawthorn is going wild this year, as are most things, Tish. 🙂 🙂 And I’ve ridden that train, many long years ago.
    I don’t think you are appearing in my Reader any more. Me suspects WP high jinks! 😦

  6. Spring came late here this year, so I enjoy seeing photos of anything this green. (It’s finally green here too, but I don’t often see this much of it in the city!) What gorgeous views, Tish!

  7. Your nostalgic description made me see the train and the river in my mind’s eye, but I can’t seriously imagine this image to be any more perfect! What a gorgeous saturation!

    1. Lovely, Paula and your v. kind comments. And lovely to hear from you. I’m thinking you’re disappearing under a mountain of work. Hugs and commiserations.

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