What A Good Yarn! Knitting Bombs in Bishops Castle


Well you can’t help but think it, can you: would that all bombing were so beautifully harmless and smile-inducing. In my last post I mentioned our ‘guerrilla garden’, but here we have a spot of guerrilla knitting found in and around our favourite small Shropshire town of Bishop’s Castle. The great knitting outbreak apparently began here a few years ago to coincide with the town’s arts festival, but I noticed some more recent additions on our last visit. It’s inspiring me to get my knitting needles out again for a little more creative procrastination, though yarn bombing Wenlock might be a step too far. Maybe the allotment…?!*&

Knitted peas and carrots anyone?


Crocheted cupcakes at Poppies Tearoom?


Much indulging of the imagination at the bookshop:


And then some subtle, ‘environmentally sensitive’ yarning:



Last but not least, in the entrance of the Town Hall you may also see a knitted version whose accompanying notice says it was created by Nigel. It’s there to serve a particular good cause, inviting donations for the care and renovation of this lovely building that sits so finely at the top of the town:



July Squares #16

41 thoughts on “What A Good Yarn! Knitting Bombs in Bishops Castle

  1. I am a failed knitter. Though I hang my head in shame, I am joyful that the art lives on, even though I am hopelessly unable to participate. Knit on! I will cheer as you purl you final whatever you do with your yarn.

  2. These projects are creative and fun, but my frugal streak means I will only ever knit things to wear 🙂 I only learnt to knit effectively as an adult when I discovered the Continental style of knitting – so much easier than the crooked finger thing.

  3. I do like the idea of yarn-bombing; indeed any public art celebrating “women’s” crafts. A lot of what I’ve actually seen here is quite ugly and made with the vile colours of yard that are invariably to be found in the Specials bin. 😬

    1. Yarn from the specials bin does not sound at all inviting. What I like about the Bishop’s Castle egs is they are affectionate and humorous and ‘of their place’. And definitely a celebration of some nifty stitching skills to say nothing of having the dexterity to knit and stuff a row of peas.

  4. These are wonderful! I admire the artist talent of some people. My favourite are the peas in a pod – so cute. Sadly, the best I would be able to squeeze out is a simple square.

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