Crocosmic Blue


A couple of years ago I dumped a big wodge of Crocosmia corms over the fence behind the old privies. The plants were too big for the garden and I’d lost patience with them leaning over and smothering everything else. But I didn’t quite have the heart to dispose of them altogether. And this year I’m glad I didn’t. The exiled Crocosmia are now as happy as Larry, not leaning over at all, but reaching up and up into the summer sky.

July Squares #17

41 thoughts on “Crocosmic Blue

      1. talent, pure talent xxxx

        PS and of course i was attempting to write clever in that first comment rather than ever!

  1. I have two enormous wodges! And yes they do sprawl, but mine are by the side of the conservatory so the only problem for me is accessing the outside tap! Like making your way through a jungle!! But the colours of the flowers make up for it. Glad you were able to transplant yours and still gain the benefit of them.

    1. The flowers are so gorgeous. I’m glad they have a good spot, but as you say, boy, do they make a lot of vegetation. Now mine can head for the field if they feel so inclined.

  2. Glad to know the informal transplant has been successful, but mainly I’m loving “wodge” — a unit of measurement I don’t remember nearly often enough.

  3. I had oodles of these critters in my former garden–yes, almost like weeds! Yet, in our new climate (snowy winters) I cannot get them to grow, no matter how I visa them. I do like their tenacity, yet I do understand their tendency to go rampant overspread.

      1. Sometimes plants reproduce vegetatively if they are in conditions that suit that means of reproducing, i.e. rather than flowering. And sometimes a bit of stress is needed for flowering, but how that applies to crocosmia I wouldn’t know. Maybe, as you say, they’re just biding their time.

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