Shadowland: in Wenlock Churchyard





I took these photos today  in a burst of winter sunlight on the wall of our parish church, Holy Trinity in Much Wenlock.  The sequence of shadows has a gothic feel despite the brightness of the light on the limestone wall. My overwhelming feeling was of spirits of the past remembered, the cycle of life and death. This church is very old, possibly with its roots in the 7th century when a Mercian princess, St Milburga was Abbess of Wenlock. A lot of humanity, then, has walked over this ground. It is good to think of them.


DP Photo Challenge; Gone, but not forgotten

31 thoughts on “Shadowland: in Wenlock Churchyard

  1. Thanks for sharing your creative vision of spirits passed and passing, Tish. My first reaction – a shiver – someone walking across my grave! Very evocative images.

  2. And after my first reaction, I started to think about how there wouldn’t be any shadows without the glorious sunlight. For me, you have managed to encapsulate the fundamental relationship between life and death in a few snaps – how awesome is that!

  3. Like Packwood504, the sunlight really captured my attention in these photos. The images that the shadows make are so tantalizing to the imagination. I really enjoyed this post.

  4. There are so many opportunities for outrageously hackneyed lines here but I know there’s not a ghost of a chance you will approve them, so I’ll just keep ‘mum’.
    When I see an ancient church graveyard like this one it always reminds me of the small one in Doddleston where my brother and I went to find conkers.
    I wonder if the tree still stands?

      1. In general, everything is super-duper.
        Hot as Hades, and we’re only one week into December.
        ‘Tis the only time of year I truly miss Europe.
        The culture of ‘Christmas’ is far too ingrained, and a turkey lunch with all the trimmings and no proper pub to visit afterwards still fills me with angst!
        (The gnashing of feet and what have you 😉 )
        Otherwise …. as I suggested. All is fine!

  5. unique take on the theme Trish – striking the way light produces shadows and in turn they brighten the light

  6. Love the ‘captures’, Tish. 🙂 Initially I thought it was someone sitting on the wall, and then I saw that there were several someones. Your spirits seem yo like company. 🙂

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