International Cheetah Day



Three cheers for the cheetah. We need to protect their habitat if we want to keep them. Take a look at the Cheetah Conservation Fund site if you would like to help. This organisation, based in Namibia, tries to improve habitat for both animals and humans. You can visit, or go work as a volunteer. Check them out.


Also please visit International Cheetah Day  for wildlife photographer, Paul Goldstein’s gallery of stunning cheetah photos


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17 thoughts on “International Cheetah Day

  1. I don’t know Tish. Don’t you often feel we are preaching to the converted? And how many people do anything? At least when I write about being vegetarian, feminist, environmentalist, every other ist, I know people don’t agree with me!

    1. I suppose we just have to keep saying these things, even if it does seem like spitting in the wind. In fact I was just thinking that I need to post more about people and organisations that are doing something. Maybe people will support them.

  2. Paul Goldstein is an excellent wildlife photographer. He occasionally will lead photo safaris to interesting places at times when there is lots of action, such as wildebeest crossing the Mara en masse. And I have heard that he will let you borrow a long lens if you ask him nicely (I think he uses Canon kit).

    1. Oh pretty close. Cheetahs seem to be oblivious to safari trucks pulling right up beside them. I just leaned out and took the photo. I believe they are fairly easy to domesticate, and behave more like dogs than cats. Elspeth Huxley (Flame Trees of Thika) had a pet one as a child. I seem to remember it ravaged her mother’s knitting. 🙂

  3. I have a question Tish. On the bottom of your posts, there are related posts, with thumbnail pictures.. is that something that comes as default with your blog theme or something you customised and can be done with other themes too?

    1. I do remember activating it, and it worked on my last theme too. I think it may be in the widgets section under ‘appearance’ in the WP side bar. There are all sorts of things there, most of which I don’t really understand.

  4. Beautiful photos Tish. My biggest regret was not being able to see one up close on our recent safari. The odds seem totally skewed against them in the wild.

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