Old Allotment Shed And Artichoke


This was my shed when I took up allotmenting eleven years ago. He who builds sheds stopped it leaking and leaning into a complete state of collapse, and I and the snails and mice were very glad of it for several years. But then two years ago I left behind the plot it stands on to concentrate on my polytunnel plot. No one has taken it over, and this year it is doing a good imitation of the prairie with elephant’s eye high grass and thistles. Rather sad after all the hours of digging I did there. But at least the shed is still standing, and this year,  the greengage tree that stands over it has quite a bit of fruit in the making. The artichoke, though, was eaten long ago.

Traces of the Past: Black & White Sunday  Please visit Paula to see her dramatic seascape

31 thoughts on “Old Allotment Shed And Artichoke

      1. Hidden from the birds! Mine have been attacked by the slugs this year – and then the woodlice move in – yuck! They must be softer than usual and not as sweet and I will pull them all up this year as they have been in since I moved here .

    1. Oh yes. But they’re very teasing. Some years they hardly make any fruit at all. And other times the wasps get there first. I have my eye on them this year though. Quite a bit of fruit at a handy height.

    1. I expect we will leave the privies as they are. We’re pretty used to banging our heads on the door lintel every time we look for something in one or other. I remember my history teacher telling me that in times past Much Wenlock people were often paticularly short. I don’t think she was being facetious.

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