Winter Harvest


At twilight these crab apples glow like tiny lanterns against the darkening sky. And that’s when the blackbird comes to feed. Or at least this is the time when I most often spot her silhouette bobbing amongst the fruit. You will have to imagine her. It is a piece of English winter magic.  A gift.


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12 thoughts on “Winter Harvest

  1. This reminds me Tish – I am not squashing crab apples under my feet in the side garden this year – the tree produced very little bloom in the spring. I am hoping it is temporary. Our neighbour said sometimes they take a year off – true or false I wonder. Fabulous colours in your photo.

    1. Ornamental crab apples are my favourite garden trees. I’m surprised about yours though because last year was supposed to be a really good apple year. On the other hand, I do notice that the wild crab apples around Wenlock can be a bit temperamental, and some years have hardly a fruit on them. I should keep an eye on your tree though. Graham does plant diseases if you think you have one.

      1. There is a nearby leylandii hedge and an elder which has sprouted from nowhere – I don’t think either is helping. I hack at the elder but it keeps coming back and is in a very difficult place to get at/remove 😦

    1. Hm. Never heard that, Ark. They are a bit sour admittedly, or perhaps a dog could choke on one, though that seems a bit unlikely. Over here they go squishy in the winter, which is when the birds start tucking in.

      1. When I began researching which garden plants are harmful ( and potentially lethal in some cases) to cats and dogs I nearly had a fit! One might as well rip up and concrete the lot!
        We had lost a couple of our cats to liver failure and plant poisoning came up on an internet search.
        However, a few chats with our vet and common sense prevailed.

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