Poppy Power ~ The Show Goes On Rain Or Shine



To be honest I’m not too fond of this particular shade of oriental poppy – essence of Heinz Tomato Soup. It was already a garden resident when we bought the house, and although I keep digging it up, it seems determined, not only to stay, but to multiply. Anyway, I like its chutzpah, if not its colour. I can always be sure it will pop up somewhere to annoy me. Then I think, oh well. At least the bees love it. And who can gainsay such show-off vim and vigour.


On Sunday after the storms, I even felt rather sorry for this very rain-drenched one – made me think of an ageing star, past her prime, crying into her gin. Overdone mascara on the run…I should get out more.

34 thoughts on “Poppy Power ~ The Show Goes On Rain Or Shine

  1. Persistence pays off Tish! I understand the dislike for the kitsch ketchup look when done up so frowzily – but seeing it as sort of ‘Street car…’ meets ‘Sunset Boulevard’ is a kinder view

  2. I planted dark purple irises next to mine for more elegance. However, they may not bloom together in your climate.I love that first shot of the water on the bud.

    1. That must look brilliant. An excellent combination. I have some purple iris too, but they don’t always flower. I think the soil gets too dry and brick-like for them. The poppies, though, seem to keep going in the worst soil, or even without any at all. I’ve noticed a clump in the gravel behind the shed.

  3. I have poppies like that popping up at my place in spring too. They are very persistent. As you say they do attract the bees.

      1. I read once that is is very easy to mistake the early little bit of a plant for a weed. I sure this is what happened and I pulled it out. I really must try again.

  4. This post is one of the many reasons why I love you, Tish. I’m smiling from ear to ear. Sumptuous shots, and Mick’s a big fan of Heinz Tomato 🙂 🙂

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