Greek Tortoise ~ Own Roof, Will Travel


The path to Peroulia Beach from Harakopio takes you down winding lanes and through olive groves. On one such expedition we met a tortoise. A fine specimen it was too and so, still with notions of living roofs in mind, I’m posting it for today’s offering at Becky’s month of roof photos. And also for Debbie’s 6WS.

June Squares: roofs

Six Word Saturday

52 thoughts on “Greek Tortoise ~ Own Roof, Will Travel

  1. Lovely. My boys had a tortoise as pet called Jack the Ripper (because of the way he ate salad). But I beat you – my sixer is downer ( = more down to earth) than yours. 😉

  2. Oh well done Tish, good interpretation I must admit I have an affection for this small self contained, very slow traveller. Been there done that….

    1. 🙂 Thanks, Su. While I’m here, I’ve just made your seedy crackers recipe. And just eaten them too. They got the thumbs up at lunch with camembert. Think they’d make great canapes, cut smaller – topped with smoked salmon and cream cheese, or hummus. I added some cumin seeds to the recipe. Also thought some , Nori seaweed flakes would work. Anyway – am delighted with this recipe having been hitherto a bit prejudiced against flax and chia ‘eggs’ in other forms of alternative baking. Am pondering on a cacao nibs and chopped almonds version. Could add cinnamon, orange peel powder (new discovery), freeze dried raspberries.

      1. I’m so glad you tried (and liked) them. And I’m really excited by all of your recipe improvements — especially the Nori (which I absolutely love) and the various spices. Cinnamon and orange peel powder sounds delicious. We get freeze-dried raspberrries and mandarins. I wonder if I could crush the mandarins into powder.
        Thank you 🙂

  3. Very clever. I recall a tortoise living in our garden when I was about 8 years old, but I’m sure it wasn’t ours. You don’t really see them now.

      1. Thank you! More pleasurable than the internet for a quick knowledge check, appreciated Tish!

      1. Yes, definitely the news – or rather the fake narratives that we are now fed by all mainstream media, including ones that used to be considered reputable. Something very nasty in the woodshed 😦

      2. Do what I do …. stop watching the news. Period.
        Aside from football I do not watch television any more.
        On the internet I might watch YouTubes or a bit of satellite but never news. And I never read a newpaper any more.
        John Z over in Brazil and I had a laugh a while back over the fact he was telling me how Oscar Pistorious’s murder trial was going and …, you’ll love this … it was Noel who told me that Zuma had been shown the door!

      3. There’s is much to be said for not watching the news, I agree. But having noticed there’s something deeply disturbing going on, am having problems un-noticing it. You should see Mak’s post this morning. The link shows one of the symptoms.

  4. What a beautiful roof on that turtle. He’s a really pretty guy! We used to catch the box tortoises in the woods when I was growing up and as soon as our backs were turned, my mother would set them free. She hated seeing things in cages.

  5. very pretty animals. Nice colours. Forgot their name right now, but they spread across the Mediterranean. A bit on the verge of extinction sadly. Very susceptible to fires.

      1. Apologies for the macabre details. I just remembered I had found one – alive and kicking – outside a house my parents had in Provence. (Another world another time!) 🙂 That’s when I learned about that. A lot of the Mediterranean forest is pines. And in case of fires many, many animals are the first victims because an idiot threw a fag butt by the window.

      2. Indeed. There have been a few nasty fires in that area in recent years. I think the Greeks take rather better care of their olive groves.

      3. Of course. Hadn’t thought of that. But then maintenance is key: the olive trees are spaced, underbrush is not allowed to grow, as in the woods. etc.

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