On Top On Llanddwyn Island ~ Black & White Sunday


Here’s another view of, and from Llanddwyn Island, taken on our recent trip to Anglesey. It was snapped on high zoom in high wind and thus has pixilation tendencies, much like the snapper, some might say. So I edited it to exaggerate the silhouette effect. I anyway like the stance of this unknown man on the cliff top. He is so well rooted against the gale; so absorbed by the seascape.

I’ve written more about the island’s story at To the Isle of Dwynwen, Welsh Saint of Lovers.

Now please visit Paula at Lost in Translation. Her rendition of this week’s ‘on top’ theme is stunning.

20 thoughts on “On Top On Llanddwyn Island ~ Black & White Sunday

  1. You are very intuitive when it comes to photo editing, and you have a flair for drama in visuals. That’s one of the reasons why I like your stuff so much. This is a very cool offering. Many thanks, Tish. 🙂

  2. It is not the eye for photography but the skill needed to execute it into perfection and bring that subtle nuances hidden in the darkness and the art of playing with light. The use of lens to the position and to the movement of the subject and ultimately the control one develops in taking that perfect click that matters…with the man and the bird in the frame, it is picture perfect. And the black and white composition takes the cake away…just fabulous.
    Photographer’s Delight!!!

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